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Setting Your Compass

Setting Your Compass

Teachings by Devon and Craig Hase


Saturday, April 28 │10 am – noon and 2 – 4 pm           


Why do you practice? What brings you back to meditation day after day? Do you believe the Dharma can awaken you from the dream-like illusion of mental and emotional suffering? And how can you motivate yourself to continue deepening into this ancient and ever-evolving stance toward human life?


Using the unfolding of experience as our root text, and the preliminary practices of the Kagyu lineage as guide, Devon and Craig Hase will lead retreatants through a day of opening to what is, and through this, discovering our innermost motivations.

Suggested donation: $60 for the day. No pre-registration is required.  Please visit for more information.

Soup Supper will be available at mid-day break for a $10 donation to the Scholarship Fund. Please contact: for more information or to volunteer.