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Ari Goldfield: Intimacy and Aliveness

Intimacy and Aliveness: Awakening the Possibilities of Relationship with Meditation

A Body-Based Meditation Workshop

with Ari Goldfield

Sat & Sun, May 5 – 6 │10 – noon and 1:30 – 3:30 pm each day 

Longing for closeness and happiness with an intimate partner is a natural human instinct. And yet, so often these experiences we long for feel blocked or out of reach, leaving us feeling frustrated, discouraged, or confused.

But all is not lost. Meditation helps us to engage in relationships from an internal place that feels grounded, warm, and spacious. Meditation gives us tools to discover how and why it has felt so difficult to get what we long for, and how to get ourselves, our partners, and our relationships unstuck and flowing.

In this weekend workshop, we will explore the specific meditation techniques that are most useful in connection with relationships, in a step-by-step way that develops confidence and direct experience. There will be explanations, meditation sessions, and time for questions and discussion.

Suggested donation: $100 for the four-session weekend of teachings. KSC encourages participants to commit to the full retreat. All teachings held at KSC Sanctuary. No pre-registration required. Please visit for more information.

Soup Supper will be available at mid-day break each day for a $10 donation to the Scholarship Fund. Please contact: for more information or to volunteer.