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Tim Olmsted Event - Bringing Emotions to the Path of Awakening 

Bringing Emotions to the Path of Awakening 

With Senior Tergar Instructor Tim Olmsted 

Fri. Nov. 1 (7 – 8:30 pm), Sat. Nov. 2 (9 am – noon and 2 – 6 pm), Sun. Nov. 3 (9 – noon and 1 – 5 pm) 

While our emotions often delight and invigorate us, when examined we find them to be fleeting and unreliable. On a subtle level, the emotions often obscure the abiding peaceful awareness that lies at the very heart of each of us. 

During this weekend retreat with senior Tergar instructor Tim Olmsted, we’ll discover how to use the energy and richness of our emotional life as the foundation for the journey to awakening. 

We’ll learn to bring emotions to the entire arc of the path – as the basis for inner peace and equanimity, as a source of radiant compassion, and finally, as brilliant wisdom. 

This weekend program is open to anyone interested in transforming their heart and mind, experienced meditators and those who are just starting out. 

Tuition: $135 (Student or Senior [65+] – $100). Fee includes dana offering for the teacher. 

Pre-registration and pre-payment are required. Go to