Lama Housing Update

Dear sangha and friends,

The Lamas and the board of directors are very happy to announce that, through the encouragement from a generous donor, a lovely house has now been purchased! The Lamas and a board “finders” committee, working with realtor Eric Poole, researched and investigated many locations and possibilities before choosing a 1000 square foot cottage with a lovely big yard and garden, about a 20-minute walk from the Center. The house is in good condition although a few updates are needed and that work will be done over the summer while the Lamas are on personal retreat.
The Lamas have a very busy Fall teaching schedule but look forward to moving to their new home in October or November. This is, of course, a big transition for our Lamas and for the KSC sangha. While we may not see the Lamas on a daily basis walking Dancer, their presence will be very evident as classes, teachings and retreats and pastoral counseling continue. As has been previously communicated, Lama Yeshe will reduce her teaching schedule after June 2018. 
At the last Visioning Circle, the sangha expressed a clear wish that there be a resident teacher living at the Center. The Lamas’ investigation into future teachers is active and ongoing. It is also the responsibility of us as students to continue to practice, take teachings, and grow as lineage practitioners, to volunteer in strong support of administration and maintenance. In this way, the sangha prepares itself to attract a compatible new teacher.
The board of directors also continues to work on a transition plan. Our goal is to support Lama Pema and Lama Yeshe financially as they gradually move into full retirement. While they expect to be teaching for many more years, the board has committed to provide them with financial resources to live in the cottage as long as they wish, to provide health and medical care, to take care of them as they have taken care of KSC for so many years. Simultaneously, we now look toward providing financial and teaching support to a new teacher. The Center has accumulated the beginnings of enough savings to carry out that plan. More is needed and you will hear more about this in the fall Visioning Circle.  Anyone interested in learning more now about KSC’s current resources and future goals is welcome to speak with a board member.
This is another step into the future of Tibetan Buddhism coming to the West. Our Lamas have given us impeccable leadership by setting an example of how to maintain a solid, harmonious teaching and practice environment. The sangha has grown up with this leadership and we now have the opportunity to pass it along to future practitioners for many years to come.
With much gratitude,
Phyllis Norris, president
Board members: Daryl Ackley, Cindy Boersma, Pepper Colley, Brenda Cornett, Rebecca Elliott, David Kennedy, Sue Kretschmann, Nell LeFebvre, Ellen Waldman, Martha Wilhelm

Kagyu Sukha Choling