Visioning Circle Report

In November 2016, KSC held a Visioning Circle — an opportunity for sangha members to come together in a unique way to share their thoughts and feelings about KSC — past, present and future. Along with the lamas, over sixty participants sat together in a large oval and considered these three questions:

What do you value the most about your experience at KSC?

What would you like the next generation of KSC practitioners to have available?

How do you envision your part in sustaining KSC into the future?

The circle was facilitated by Anne Stine, who recalled the first visioning circle held in 2003 that sparked the energy which resulted in the building of our present KSC center. Now, thirteen years later, KSC continues to grow and flourish. Our gathering for this second circle was to listen and learn from one another, and to offer guidance to the Board of Directors and the Lamas as we all shape KSC's transition into the near and distant future.

A summary of the most widely shared topics and responses is listed below, organized in an easy-to-read, index style (thanks to Pepper Colley, our newest Board member). For those who are interested, a more complete transcription of what was shared at this important event, including specific comments, aspirations, and wishes is included in the PDF at the end of this post.

We look forward to another visioning event next year.

With gratitude and respect,
KSC Board of Directors Working Committee
Visioning Circle summary index
Community (newcomers, outreach, at large, intentional, dialogue, warmth, membership)
Compassion (for others, vigil-keepers)
Continuity (of lineage, teachings, Kalu Rinpoche, dedication, preservation of)
DharmaKids (summer program, expanded, adolescent program)
Feminine (respect, divine, dakinis, honor for)
Future (bridge to)
Generations (preparation for future)
Instruction (CA, Tonglen, English and Tibetan, vajrayana, beginners thru advanced, more from senior students, study groups)
KSC (spiritual home, structure, refuge, family, richness, knowledge, safety-net, all voices heard, sacred space)
Lamas (teachings, connection to, in-residence, guidance from)
Leadership (loose, senior students, solid board)
Lineage (Kagyu-Shangpa, feminine, Western, authentic, dakinis, tradition)
Mindfulness (modeling, reflective)
Newcomers (make welcome, welcome packet, freshness, greeters, friendly first experience)
Outreach (acknowledge national/world events, on the street, support group)
Pastoral (limited to practice, addition of psychological, extended to groups, individual)
Practice (English, dual language, vajrayana, ceremonial, strengthen, methods, advanced, mature, on and off the cushion)
Personal Growth (acceleration of, basic sanity, ground of being, social connections, understanding confusion)
Sangha (open to everyone, nurturing, available)
Study (foundational and advanced, quality, clarity, empowerments, specific to senior students, progressive stages, established curriculum, on and off the cushion)
Support (charitable, financial, membership, legacy planning, individual, lama, generosity)
Teachers (of lineage, in-residence, visiting, qualified, younger, Western, from other traditions, teachers-in-training, of color)
Technology (support distance learners, get word out more often, video-record)
Volunteering (ongoing, increasing, flourishing, dedication to service)
 KSC Visioning Circle Narrative Notes 11-12-16

Kagyu Sukha Choling