We Invite You to Support Your Dharma Home

Dear Sangha and Friends,                                                            November 27, 2018

 We are coming up on the end of the Earth Dog Year 2018 - symbolizing dependability, action and financial prosperity - a prediction that has certainly held true for KSC. We continue to have the good fortune of a caring and generous sangha. Members continue to recognize the value of this Center by supporting not only the values of sanctuary and spiritual nourishment but also providing for the physical and operational integrity of this special space on Clear Creek Drive.

 In 2018, we completed the remodel of the Lamas’ new home. They were able to move in directly after returning from their summer retreat. Sangye took care of the garden and the Lamas could enjoy fresh lettuce and strawberries. A wonderful gift of peaceful surroundings as they set to work with the fall teaching schedule.

This summer also saw the completion of one of our Support Your Dharma Home projects. Thanks to sangha generosity, a new metal railing was installed around the upper section of the center’s front terrace. Other hoped-for SYDH projects include building a permanent fence alongside the parking lot and mounting and installing the prayer wheels. 

Giant earthworks are going on next door, as John Field builds out his long-planned multi-use building project. Renderings for this project are posted on our lobby easel. The drawings show a walkway/stairway between the new buildings and KSC. This is where the long-awaited prayer wheels will be mounted. Once they are fitted out with spindles and push paddles, they will be installed under a canopy to keep them out of the weather. With the permanent stairway and prayer wheels, we will have full circumambulation around the KSC building. The total anticipated cost for this project is $15,000.

 To date, 2018 SYDH contributions amount to $10,500, and to meet our operational budget, we are hoping to raise an additional $10,000 by year end. KSC has also saved $7,000 in designated donations for the prayer wheel project. We are looking to raise the remaining cost of $8,000 by March 2019.

 As 2018 comes to a close, please consider making a booster year-end contribution that will get us to our total $18,000 goal. KSC depends on your spirit of generosity for its financial stability. Your offering of any amount makes a difference and is deeply appreciated.

 Together, may we joyfully support the flourishing of the Dharma.

 Phyllis Norris

KSC Board President

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