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non-residential retreats

Meditation practice is an essential activity for every Buddhist. When we enter into a retreat of any length, we enter a sanctuary, a physical and mental refuge in which we can disengage from the activities that distract us from our goal of liberation. Retreat provides favorable conditions for our inner practice, which directly affects the realization of our limitless potential, and the resultant benefit to beings.

Non-residential retreats are held at KSC throughout the year, and are led by either our resident Lamas, or a guest teacher. These are 1-2 day teaching immersives, held on a weekend in our sanctuary. Typically, there is a two hour morning session, a mid-day break, and then a two hour afternoon session. Topics vary, and are announced in advance of the retreat. 

Eugene Teaching Weekend: Cultivating Fearlessness 

A Weekend Retreat with Lama Pema and Lama Yeshe 

Sat. & Sun. Nov. 9 – 10, 10 am – noon & 2 – 4 pm 

In this weekend retreat of teaching, meditation and discussion, we will examine the underlying nature of our fears and habits. This investigation can lead us beyond our usual experiences of limitation and repetition, to expand our sensitivity, responsiveness and choice in every moment. 

Encouraging the life attitudes of loving kindness, compassion, fearlessness and mindfulness, we can strengthen our heart and mind toward expanded possibilities, so that the way we live our lives every day will naturally result in a state of mind that is equal to the challenges of this life, including the inevitable losses of what we hold dear. 

Suggested donation: $120 for the weekend. No preregistration. 

Ceremonial Arts I, a One-Day Retreat with Lama Pema and Lama Yeshe 

Sat. Nov. 23, 10 am – noon & 2 – 4 pm 

The lamas will present the symbolism and purpose of some of the works of art and ceremonial objects on KSC’s shrine. Then all will participate in hands-on familiarization in the care of the shrine, the offerings, and the sanctuary. This instruction is suitable for all practitioners who want to learn more about the sanctuary and its care. The lamas will be assisted by students well-versed in the ceremonial arts. 

Suggested donation: $50 for the day. No preregistration.