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non-residential retreats

Meditation practice is an essential activity for every Buddhist. When we enter into a retreat of any length, we enter a sanctuary, a physical and mental refuge in which we can disengage from the activities that distract us from our goal of liberation. Retreat provides favorable conditions for our inner practice, which directly affects the realization of our limitless potential, and the resultant benefit to beings.

Non-residential retreats are held at KSC throughout the year, and are led by either our resident Lamas, or a guest teacher. These are 1-2 day teaching immersives, held on a weekend in our sanctuary. Typically, there is a two hour morning session, a mid-day break, and then a two hour afternoon session. Topics vary, and are announced in advance of the retreat. 


Exploring the Teacher-Student Relationship, a One-Day Retreat with Lama Pema and Lama Yeshe  

Saturday, October 13  │ 10 am – noon & 2 – 4 pm

For all students of Buddhism, the connection to a living teacher is ideal as the basis of a living transmission of the lineage, outlook and practices. At ones best, a teacher embodies the teachings, and can lead the student in effective ways to make great progress on the path. Join the lamas as they explore both the ideal and the real potentials in this pivotal relationship.  Suggested donation: $50 for the day.

EUGENE TEACHING WEEKEND - 2 EVENTS Location: Tamarck Annex, 3575 Donald Street, Eugene, OR 97405


 Saturday, Nov. 3 │ 10 am - noon and 2 - 4 pm 

Buddhist teachings on karma ("cause and effect") educate us to the potential power of our words and actions.  During this teaching day the lamas will explore the roots of karma, as well as the many ways we can affect the habits of a lifetime. Suggested donation for the day: $60, plus dana for the teaching.


Introduction to The Heart Sutra

Sunday, Nov. 4 │ 10 am - noon and 2 – 4 pm

During this day of study, the lamas will introduce the principles and history of the Heart Sutra, which is both a meditation practice and a contemplation of the subtle and fundamental way in which things exist.  A copy of the sutra in meditation form will be provided as the basis of study, and will be practiced together by the end of the day. Suggested donation for the day: $60, plus dana for the teaching.  All are welcome and no one will be turned away for lack of funds