Kagyu Sukha Chöling BOOKSTORE 

Those interested in Buddhism put earnest effort into hearing the dharma spoken, contemplating the meanings and meditating. The Bookstore, located on the ground floor, supports these efforts by offering dharma books and practice supports. 

The Bookstore purchases books and other dharma items at a discount, passing some of the savings on to the sangha and visitors to our Center. We feature books for beginners (see the Pema Chödron section and other books our volunteers can point out); books now out of print by our Center’s founder, Kalu Rinpoche; and even Buddhist/Tibetan cookbooks. For those participating in advanced practices, we carry mandala plates and books on Ngöndro and Mahamudra. For all practitioners we offer a variety of malas (“rosaries” for counting mantras), altar cards depicting deities and small Buddha statues for home altars.

One bookcase is dedicated to lightly-used dharma items given to the Center and offered for a donation. During non-residential retreat weekends, we hold silent auctions featuring unique, often antique thangkas, ritual items, Tibetan handcrafted pieces and more.

Bookstore staff order the textbooks used in classes at KSC, again offering students a discount whenever possible. We also sell practice texts for those with the appropriate empowerments.

We encourage everyone to visit the bookstore.


Sunday: 11:30 AM - Noon
Thursday: 5PM - 5:45PM