The Dharma Kids Practice Group is a program for children ages 6 through 11. Together, we explore the teachings of the Buddha and plant the seeds of compassion, loving kindness, and mindfulness, for the benefit of all. We practice various meditations, engage in dharma discussions and inquiry, play cooperative games, create dharma-inspired art, participate in service projects and cultivate friendships. Lama Pema or Lama Yeshe offers a brief dharma talk at the beginning of each session. 

Our practice group is under the direction of Lama Pema Clarke, and is led by practice group leaders and parent volunteers.

We meet in the KSC library two times a month, October through May, from 9 am -11:30 am on KSC’s Calm Abiding and Tonglen Sundays. Group members commit to regular attendance in order to build a cohesive Dharma Kids community, and support a reliable family practice. We ask that parents be present at the Dharma Center (that is, upstairs in the Shrine Room) for their children to participate.



Application process:

Applications are available at the following link: Dharma Kids Application Form >>> Although we currently have a waitlist for Dharma Kids, we invite you to submit an application for your child.

A class list is created each fall, with returning students given a priority. Those on the waitlist will be contacted in the fall to let them know whether space is available. Occasionally, space opens up during the year. We select on the basis of when an application is received, age of the child, and class balance.

resources and supports for children's meditation

"Cultivating an attitude and a habit in a young person that is based upon a good foundation of discriminating wisdom is the biggest contribution that a parent (or as any adult) can give to young children." ~ Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche
To v
iew Rinpoche’s video, “Guiding the Next Generation”, click here>>> 

Tonglen Meditation

The foundational perspective of Tonglen practice is to consider all beings as our kin, because we and all beings share the wish to be happy and avoid suffering. From that common perspective, we aspire to utilize our natural great heart of compassion to relieve beings of suffering and bring them genuine happiness. This recorded version of the Tonglen practice has been adapted for children, and was generously voiced/recorded by former Dharma Kid parent, Cat Gould.

Calm Abiding Meditation

This meditation is common to many traditions of Buddhism. In this practice, we rest our attention on a simple meditative support, such as the breath. Instead of following thoughts and emotions as we usually do, we release them and maintain our connection to the support. This beautiful video by Julie Bayer Salzman & Josh Salzman, illustrates the benefits of calm abiding from a child's point of view. We incorporate this video into our Dharma Kids curriculum, and show it in tandem with our Mind in a Jar project.