We encourage you to become a member of KSC. Membership is a heartfelt opportunity to deepen your connection with KSC, your practice and the Buddhist teachings.

Regular membership support provides a reliable financial base for KSC, and may be of any dollar amount. Anyone pledging $30 per month or more receives discounts on classes, books and practice items.

KSC exists in its present form due to the kindness of our members over the years. Those who commit to membership, enable KSC to continue to serve a growing community of practitioners for years to come. All membership pledges, regardless of size, are gratefully and equally accepted. Through your generosity, you help support KSC’s lamas, educational programs and retreats, special events, library and bookstore, children’s program, building maintenance, and more. 

Monthly pledges go a long way toward reaching our goals and offer some very welcome stability to our finances. The more people we have contributing a little bit, the stronger our Center becomes and the more we can offer. With your help, we can secure a bright future for KSC.  

Please fill in the registration form below, and send your payment each month to: KSC 109 Clear Creek Drive, Suite 102 Ashland, OR 97520. Questions? Contact info@kscashland.orgKagyu Sukha Chöling is a non-profit, 501c(3) corporation. Your membership is a tax deductible donation.

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By filling out the form below, you agree to commit to regular payments, understanding that KSC does not bill for membership. If you wish to arrange automated payment for your membership, KSC encourages the use of Bill Pay from your bank account. Your bank will need KSC's mailing address and telephone number. 

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